Языковые курсы в Новой Зеландии


In this article, we will tell you in more detail about the English language courses available, about how studying in New Zealand takes place, about the difference between language schools, the cost, as well as about the opportunities for work-time studies and the most profitable language courses.

English language courses in New Zealand are either part-time, that is 10-15 hours per week, and  full-time, from 20 hours a week or more. But to get a student visa, only full-time classes are suitable, so we will focus on them in more detail.


Every day we get a lot of questions about learning English in New Zealand, so below we will try to answer most of them.

At what age can I go to learn English in New Zealand? 
Studying at language courses is possible for students of all ages, starting from the age of 8.
It is worth noting that study for very young students is not available in all language schools, but only in some of them.

With what level of English can you come and start learning?
The process of learning English in New Zealand is gradual, so students can start from any level, from zero to advanced. On the first day at school, you will be tested to determine the appropriate level for the group you will be placed in, get acquainted with the teacher, and you will begin your training. In addition to the general courses there are also special groups for IELTS or academic English, groups for school children, combining classes with various sports, or with active pursuits, such as hiking or visiting the zoo.

When can I start studying at a language school?
Practically in all schools you can start attending English classes on any Monday.

How many hours a day will English classes take? 
Study will take from 20 to 25 hours a week, although in some schools, if you would like, you may go more. Most studies begin at about 9 am, although in some institutions there are also evening groups that are convenient for those who additionally work during the morning.

How much time do you need to learn the language? 
You can choose the duration of the training yourself, from 2 weeks to infinity. Most often, to raise your English to the next level, you need at least 12 weeks of fruitful study. It is worth noting that the learning process is always interesting. By the end of the study day you will get tired, but it all goes to your advantage. In an English-speaking atmosphere and with professional teachers of native English speakers, and with your responsible approach, the result will not take long.


An important aspect of studying at language courses is the possibility of obtaining the right to work part-time for 20 hours a week for the duration of training. This provides an opportunity to reduce the cost of living, practice English, and even find a full-fledged job in your specialty. Specialists whose occupations are on the wanted lists, for example, engineers or information technology specialists, can get a working visa on a facilitated scheme in cases when they find a job in their specialty.

To qualify for part-time work, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Study in institutions of the 1st category from 14 weeks or more 
  • Study in schools of 2-3 categories, from 24 weeks or more, but with IELTS 5.0 or higher on hand

Also, there is the opportunity to get the right to work on the spot, if you study at a school of 2-3 categories, for more than 24 weeks and pass the IELTS while studying. More information about the preparation for the IELTS test is on our website.


New Zealand language schools and universities are divided into categories that are awarded by the NZQA State Commission for the quality of teaching and teaching staff, for student achievement and learning conditions. The highest category is the first, there are also schools of the second and third category.

Conditionally it is possible to divide schools into the following types:


The cost of training in such schools is from 300 to 450 New Zealand dollars a week. Usually these are the best schools in New Zealand, offering a comfortable environment, the best teachers and the best teaching materials. These schools include:

English Language Academy
(The University of Auckland) Auckland
25 hours a week
From NZ$ 435 per week

Языковая школа Mount Maunganui Language Centre

Mount Maunganui Language Centre
25 hours per week
From NZ $ 355 per week.

Языковая школа Languages International

Language International
25 hours a week
From NZ $ 320 per week

Языковая школа Unique

25 hours a week + 10 hours of free extra lessons, from NZ $ 350 per week.
20 hours a week + 10 hours of free extra lessons, from NZ $ 265 per week.


The cost of training in most of the good schools of the 1st category ranges from NZ $ 200 to NZ 300 per week. In these schools you may not be offered beautiful glossy materials, where classes will be held equally effectively with professional teachers and in a friendly atmosphere.

Among schools of this type with the most favourable offers, we would like to note:

Языковая школа CCEL

Auckland, Christchurch
25 hours a week. From NZ $ 323 per week.
20 hours a week. From NZ $ 280 per week. Possibility of morning or evening training.

Языковая школа DynaSpeak

25 hours a week
From NZ $ 300 per week.

Языковая школа NZLC

Auckland, Wellington
25 hours a week.
From NZ $ 280 per week.

Языковая школа AIS

25 hours a week. From NZ $ 275 per week.
12 free weeks for applicants for diploma programs.

Языковая школа Campbell Institute

Campbell Institute
Auckland, Wellington
23-26 hours per week. From NZ $ 250 per week
Possibility of morning or evening training

Языковая школа Cornell

Cornell (based on Wilkinson’s School)
Oakland, Christchurch
25 hours per week
From NZ $ 230 per week.

Языковая школа LSNZ

20 hours a week.
From NZD 220 per week, 16 weeks course, evening training.

Языковая школа EDENZ College

EDENZ College
20 hours a week – NZD 210 per week (morning and evening).
25 hours a week – NZD 240 per week.

Языковая школа Aspire2 Group

Aspire2 Group  Auckland, Christchurch
23 hours a week. From NZ $ 200 a week to Auckland.
20 hours a week. From NZ $ 220 per week in Christchurch.
24 free weeks for applicants for diploma programs.

Языковая школа Auckland English Academy

Auckland English Academy (Group ICL), Auckland
25 hours a week. From NZ $ 240 per week in Napier. From NZ $ 210 per week in Auckland.
20 hours a week. From NZ $ 190 per week in Oakland.
Possibility of morning, afternoon or evening training.

Языковая школа Abacus Institute of Studies

Abacus Institute of Studies
20 hours a week
From NZ $ 180 per week.


The most economical schools, where training costs only 150 to 200 New Zealand dollars a week. A more modest school environment allows them to offer lower prices.

Языковая школа RegentRegent
20 hours a week
From NZ $ 200 per week.

Языковая школа Alpha Educational InstituteAlpha Educational Institute, Auckland and Christchurch
23 hours a week. From NZ $ 160 per week in Oakland. From NZ $ 150 per week in Christchurch.
From NZ $ 360 per week for children in Oakland and Christchurch.
Possibility of morning or evening training.

Языковая школа Excellent International AcademyExcellent International Academy
20 hours a week. From NZ $ 147 per week morning classes.
20 hours a week. From NZ $ 120 per week evening classes.

Языковая школа International College of Auckland International College of Auckland
Possibility of morning or evening training.


We provide the best offers on the market of educational services. Thus, you can choose the required study time (morning or evening), the desired duration by the hour (with full or partial load) and with affordable prices. The longer the course of study, the less the cost of one week of training. For detailed prices, Write to us and we will be glad to tell you with the options and answer all your questions.

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