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Exhibition in Irkutsk in 2015

From October 29 to November 1, 2015 we took a part in the educational exhibition “Choose your profession” in Irkutsk.

There we different organizations among the participants: Russian and foreign universities, educational agents from different countries. Within 4 days of the exhibition, it was visited by 11,000 people. Representatives of educational institutions were telling visitors about new professions, the conditions of admission and training. School children and their parents were able to learn about innovative training programs, modern technologies, training and professional development in Irkutsk, Russia and abroad.

Kiwi Education stand has attracted interest and some excitement, because you don’t see every day companies, coming to Irkutsk from New Zealand, and there is a certain interest in this direction. Before, during and after the exhibition we also managed to spend several informational meetings, where we talked about our own way to New Zealand, the possibilities of immigration and education, and life in New Zealand as a whole.

Along with us, we had representatives of NTEC, Queens, and AIS.

Our sponsors:

  • NTEC;
  • Queens Academic Group;
  • Auckland Institute of Studies;
  • Cornell Institute;
  • Unique New Zealand;
  • Manukau Institute of Technology;
  • Media Design School;
  • Waiuku College.

Thank you all for coming. Stay with us!

Возможно, вам будет интересно

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