In Kiwi Education we are not trying to restrict the choice of our students for the most poppy or expensive options. We are really looking for the best deals for each situation. Precisely because of this, we have recently started working with Wilkinson’s English Language School. Our task was to find a school of a highest 1 category with attractive prices, more favorable than those of competitors. And we accomplished this task.

WELS belongs to the first category of education institutions, so that when the training of 14 weeks or more, students may be eligible for part-time work. This is especially important for employees of the construction sector, as Christchurch is experiencing a construction boom and needs for a skilled workforce. Thus, training in WELS becomes a great chance to find work and stay in the country, at least for a while, but you also can try to get a permanent residence in the future.

Key information about the WELS

— Situated not far from a beautiful park in Christchurch
— Small and intimate classes, family atmosphere
— Most reasonable prices for a school of category 1, which we managed to find
— All levels, from elementary to advanced

More information about WELS.

Prices in WELS.

On all matters of education in WELS contact Kiwi Education.

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