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Work in Queenstown

Due to the large growth of the tourism industry in Queenstown, which is the South Island, the Ministry of Tourism and Immigration agreed to make temporary changes to the rules for issuing work visas.

Usually, for obtaining a work visa, the employer has to prove that the applicant has demanded specialty or that it is impossible to find the right person at the local labor market. But now, these requirements are canceled prior to 30 June 2015.

This means that finding skilled jobs in the tourism sector in Queenstown, you can get a work visa. For many people this will be a great opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Of course, to find a job, you must come to Queenstown. Better suited for this are language courses, the cost of which varies from NZ$ 320 to 400 per week, depending on the duration of training. There are 3 best language schools in the highest category 1:
ABC College of English
Language Schools New Zealand
Southern Lakes English College

In addition, there is a great opportunity to combine work and education in the tourism industry.Queenstown Resort College offers to get diplomas:
Diploma in Hospitality
Diploma in Tourism
Combining work and study, in two years you will receive a diploma, open work visa and the possibility of obtaining residency in the case of finding a job in your field.

Kiwi Education helps in preparing all the necessary documents to travel to New Zealand free of charge.

For details, contact the company’s employees.

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