Feedback from Olga Fomina

Olga is studying Graduate Diploma in Business (Marketing) at Unitec


Feedback from Marina

Marina came to New Zealand to study English in Unique and now She is completing Postgraduate Diploma at Massey University.

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Feedback from Elena

Elena came to New Zealand (Rotorua) to study Adult Teaching in Toi-Ohomai Institute

Feedback from Evgenii and Victoria

Evgenii and Victoria arrived in New Zealand together. Eugene studies at Unitec in the Postgraduate Diploma in Business

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Feedback from Anastasia

Anastasia came to Auckland with her spouse to study Digital Marketing in NZIE

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Feedback from Natalya

Natalya is from Moscow and she studies information technology at Unitec

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Feedback from Ekaterina

Ekaterina studies Postgraduate Diploma in Business at Auckland Institute of Studies

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Feedback from Alexandra

Alexandra is from Minsk and studies Business Management at NTEC

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Maria’s feedback

Maria is from St-Petersburg and studies Event Management at Unitec

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Ludmila’s feedback

Ludmila from Saint-Petersburg studies Construction Management at Unitec

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Feedback from Tatiana and Stas

Tatiana and Stas came to NZ from Dnipropetrovsk, and Tatiana studies at Regent

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Alexey’s feedback

Alexey is from St Petersburg and studies at Postgraduate Diploma in Business programme at Unitec

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Naida’s feedback

Naida came to New Zealand from Moscow to study IT at Ntec

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Lilit’s feedback

Lilith came to New Zealand from Yerevan, Armenia, receiving the coveted visa after a previous decline

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Stepan’s feedback

Stepan is an architect, he came to learn English at Ntec and to see the prospects of his profession in New Zealand

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Sergey’s feedback

Sergey studies for a Diploma in Business at Ntec after completing his English course

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Pavel’s Feedback

A brief review of Pavel, who is studying English in one of the best language schools in New Zealand Unique

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Ilya’s Feedback

The first part of the review of how Ilya came up with the idea of immigration and education in New Zealand

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